Flow Down Requirements For Supplier Of AS9100D Products

Breyden Products, Inc. is a supplier to the aviation, space, and defense industries.

As a supplier to the aviation, space, and defense industries, Breyden Products, Inc. must meet the flow down requirements placed on us by these industries.  As such, the terms and conditions placed on Breyden flow down to our suppliers as follows:

Process Changes

Any changes in process or product shall require advanced notification and approval by Breyden Products, Inc.  Some aerospace customers and government agencies require approval of changes per contract or law.

Sub-Tier Suppliers

When the need to outsource work occurs (using sub-tier suppliers), Breyden Products, Inc., must be notified in advance, including changes in sub-tier suppliers and changes in location of manufacture prior to making the change.  This requirement applies to Breyden Products, Inc. and the suppliers contracted by Breyden Products, Inc. to perform work and services, or provide products.  Breyden Products, Inc. and aerospace customer requirements must flow down to any supplier’s sub-tier suppliers, including any key characteristics.  Service work (plating, coating, heat treatment, etc.) must be to the applicable issue of customer specifications.

Certificate of Conformance

All orders or lots require a Certificate of Conformance to show that verification has occurred and the lot meets all requirements.  Identification and traceability for each lot must be maintained and linked to the Certificate of Conformance.   Records must be retained for at least 10 years.  Records that are no longer retained must be destroyed versus discarded.

Nonconforming Product

When nonconforming product occurs, Breyden Products, Inc., is to be immediately notified for appropriate controls and disposition.

Root cause analysis and timely, effective corrective actions are required when Breyden Products, Inc. determines the supplier is responsible for root cause of a problem.

Right of Access

Breyden Products, Inc., its aerospace customers, and government authorities have the right of access to all facilities involved in processing of Breyden Products, Inc. orders and all applicable documents and records.  Breyden Products, Inc., its aerospace customers, and aerospace customer’s representative and government authorities intend to perform verification activities at supplier’s premises when warranted and to assure product and services conform to specified requirements.  Advance notification will be provided.  This requirement must flow down to all levels down the supply chain.


Verification by Breyden Products, Inc. or its customer shall not be used as evidence of effective control of quality and shall not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product or service, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by Breyden Products, Inc. or its customer.

Counterfeit Parts

Breyden suppliers will not utilize counterfeit parts, and must do everything possible with their suppliers and sub-tier suppliers to prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

Employee Awareness

Your employees, as a supplier of Breyden Products, Inc., shall be made aware of their contribution to product and service quality, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.