Flow Down Requirements For Supplier Of AS9100D Products

Breyden Products, llc. is a supplier to the aviation, space, and defense industries.

As a supplier to the aviation, space, and defense industries, Breyden Products, LLC must meet the flow down requirements placed on us by these industries.  As such, the terms and conditions placed on Breyden flow down to our suppliers as follows:

As9100D Supplier Terms and COnditions

1. agreement and acceptance

By entering into a business relationship with Breyden Products LLC, the supplier agrees to comply with the AS9100D standard, and the terms and conditions outlined herein. Any deviations from these terms require written consent from both parties.

2. Quality management system

The supplier must establish, maintain, and continually improve a quality management system in accordance with the AS9100D standard. This includes adherence to the documented processes and procedures relevant to the products or services provided.

3. sub-tier suppliers

When the need to outsource work occurs (using sub-tier suppliers), Breyden Products LLC must be notified in advance, including changes in sub-tier suppliers and changes in the location of manufacture, prior to making the change. This requirement applies to Breyden Products LLC and the suppliers contracted to perform work and services or provide products. Breyden Products LLC and aerospace customer requirements must flow down to any supplier’s sub-tier suppliers, including any key characteristics. Service work (plating, coating, heat treatment, etc.) must adhere to the applicable issue of customer specifications.
Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that their sub-tier suppliers comply with the AS9100D standard and other relevant customer requirements. Changes to sub-tier suppliers or the location of manufacture must undergo a review and approval process before implementation. This addition emphasizes the importance of transparency and compliance not only at the primary supplier level but also extends the responsibility to sub-tier suppliers, ensuring that the entire supply chain adheres to the specified quality and regulatory standards.

4. product/service conformity

Suppliers must ensure that all products or services delivered conform to specified requirements, including those defined by Breyden Products LLC and regulatory authorities. The supplier is responsible for the identification and traceability of products.

When a nonconforming product occurs, Breyden Products LLC is to be immediately notified of appropriate controls and disposition. Root Cause analysis and timely, effective corrective actions are required when Breyden Products LLC determines the supplier is responsible for the root cause of a problem.

5. risk management

The supplier must implement risk management processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with the products or services provided. This includes addressing potential supply chain disruptions and other relevant risks.

6. configuration management

Suppliers are required to establish and maintain configuration management processes to control changes to products or services. Any proposed changes must be communicated to Breyden Products LLC for review and approval.

7. Notification of changes

The supplier agrees to promptly inform Breyden Products LLC of any changes to their organization, processes, or personnel that may impact the quality of the products or services provided. Notification of the changes to be sent to material manager and quality manager.

8. counterfeit parts prevention

Suppliers must have processes in place to prevent the use of counterfeit parts and materials in products delivered to Breyden Products LLC. This includes verification of the authenticity of parts and materials used in production.

9. right of access

Breyden Products LLC, its aerospace customers and government authorities have reserved the right to access the supplier's facilities and records to ensure compliance with the AS9100D standard and these terms and conditions. The supplier shall cooperate fully during any quality system audits or inspections conducted by Breyden Products LLC. Advanced notification will be provided. This requirement must flow down to all levels of the supply chain.

10. continuous improvement

The supplier is expected to actively participate in and contribute to continuous improvement initiatives. This includes providing feedback, participating in corrective action activities, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

11. regulatory compliance

Suppliers must comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements related to the products or services provided. This includes any additional aerospace industry regulations or standards.

12. REcords retention

The supplier must maintain records of product conformance, processes, and other quality-related documentation for a minimum period as required by applicable regulations or as specified by Breyden Products LLC.

13. Quality

Verification by Breyden Products LLC or its customer shall not be used as evidence of effective control of quality and shall not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product or service, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by Breyden Products LLC or its customer.

14. nonconforming product

Define the process for identifying, documenting, and handling nonconforming products. Specify the notification and approval requirements for disposition of nonconforming products.14. NONCONFORMING PRODUCT

15. Right of Termination

Breyden Products LLC reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the supplier fails to comply with the AS9100D standard or these terms and conditions. Termination may be immediate if there is a significant risk to product safety or quality.

16. Process Changes

The supplier agrees not to implement any changes to their manufacturing, production, or service processes that could affect the quality, specifications, or delivery of the products or services provided to Breyden Products LLC without obtaining prior written approval. Any proposed process changes must be submitted to Breyden Products LLC for review and approval. Breyden Products LLC reserves the right to assess the impact of proposed changes on product quality, delivery schedules, and other relevant factors. The supplier shall not proceed with any process changes until written approval is received from Breyden Products LLC. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in penalties, termination of the agreement, or other remedies as specified in these terms and conditions.

17. certificate of conformity and batch traceability

The supplier agrees to provide a signed Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with each delivered product or service. The CoC shall affirm that the supplied products or services meet the specified requirements, including adherence to the AS9100D standard. Additionally, the supplier shall provide full batch traceability information for each delivered product, allowing for the identification of raw materials, production dates, and other relevant details. The batch traceability information shall be made available to Breyden Products LLC upon request and accompany each purchase order. Non-compliance with this requirement may result in rejection of the delivered products or services.

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