Lacing tapes manufactured under commercial specifications A-A-52080 through A-A-52084 intrinsically have no limit on shelf life when stored and used in a reasonable manner.  Nor do those specifications make any mention of shelf life.

From time to time, Breyden Products, LLC has encountered risk due to situations beyond our control such as improper storage.  Shelf life restrictions were implemented to mitigate this risk.  On the other hand, we have also experienced risk due to “percent of remaining life” clauses in customer purchase orders triggering nuisance rejects where shelf life restrictions are in effect.  

Breyden Products, LLC reserves the right to impose shelf life restrictions or not depending upon our assessment of the attendant risks.  That should not be construed to mean that the product has changed in any way from one period to the next.  Products sold as A-A-52080 will always be in compliance with specification A-A-52080, and so forth.

The National Stock Numbers (NSN’s) are assigned by the commercial specification, not by Breyden Products, LLC.  Therefore any given tape configuration will always be sold as the same NSN regardless of the shelf life considerations applied by Breyden Products, LLC.