Change Approval Policy

The nature of Breyden Products’ business is that we provide commercial off-the-shelf materials manufactured primarily to commercial specifications.  Customers may provide their own specifications, but these are always based primarily upon the underlying commercial spec and do not materially affect our manufacturing processes.

Occasionally these customer specifications demand that any changes be approved by the issuer of the specification.  Breyden Products takes exception to any such requirement for the following reasons:

  1. Underlying processes are designed to meet commercial specifications.  Changes in processing are designed to continue to meet the specification for hundreds of customers, not just individual customers.
  2. AS9100 and ISO9001 require Breyden Products to be continually improving, which means processes must change.  To have a customer base of hundreds that all must approve any change would not be manageable.
  3. Much of the customer-specified material is sold to entities in the supply chain that are not the specification author.  In these cases, the communication between Breyden Products and the specification author must go through many parties, further complicating and slowing down any required change. This is an unacceptable risk for Breyden Products.

Breyden Products is an AS9100D certified supplier of lacing tape, braiding yarn, and other material manufactured under the most demanding specifications in the textile industry.  Our promise to you is to continue to meet those specifications while managing change within the control of our Quality Management System.