Breyden Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of military-specification lacing tapes, twines and cords as well as a broad range of sleevings and braiding yarns.  Our product range allows us to serve the electric motor, transformer, aerospace, wire harnessing and cable manufacturing industries.  We are a valued partner to the industry's most respected companies, providing innovative application solutions and engineering expertise of fibers, finishes and processing techniques.

*** Business Announcements ***

10/23/2013 - Breyden Products, Inc. introduces BreyFuse self fusing silicone tapes

Breyden Products Inc. is introducing their new Breyfuse line of self fusing silicone tapes. The self fusing tapes will complement the current portfolio of products used to secure and protect wire harnesses and electrical wire components. “ Breyden Products will strive to provide the industry with superior products including lacing tapes, overbraiding yarns, sleeving and self fusing tapes all used by current customers throughout the world” says Mike Zuber, V.P. of Sales for Breyden.  “ Our distributors rely on us to offer more products that assist in the manufacturing process so that they can provide complete solutions in this demanding environment.”

Breyden provides materials to some of the leading manufactures around the globe including Boeing, Lockheed, Bell, Agusta, Sikorsky as well as their many subcontractors. The self fusing silicone tape is sold under military specification A-A-59163 and is offered in both rectangular and triangular form.



12/05/2011 - Breyden Products, Inc. has purchased Saylor Products Corp of Grand Rapids, OH

Saylor Products is unique among manufacturers in its use of textile looms to produce a tubular material, which differs from tradition sleeving by maintaining its tubular shape when weight is applied. As materials have improved, Saylor's loomed textiles have become nearly crush-proof, providing both protection and flexibility. Customers that prefer the look and feel of the old materials will still be able to purchase products manufactured on the classic loom.

"The acquisition by Breyden will allow Saylor to improve on its foundation and take the company in a new direction," says Saylor GM Greg Westhoven, "Saylor's products and experience complement Breyden's focus on the wire harnessing industry. Our two product lines combined will allow current and future customers a fuller range of choices for their wire protection needs."

Saylor's 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, OH will continue operation with all current employees.

08/16/2011 - Breyden Products, Inc. is pleased to announce an asset purchase of the Gudebrod Inc. Electronics Division.

The purchase was complete on Monday, August 16, 2010. The acquisition includes all manufacturing equipment, trade names, trademarks, inventory, and open purchase orders relating to Gudebrod’s Electronics Division.

The asset purchase of Gudebrod Inc. Electronics Division enhances Breyden’s position as the largest supplier in the world of lacing tapes, cords and braider yarns used in the Wire Harnessing Industry. The Gudebrod product line will be incorporated into the Breyden facility in Columbia City, Indiana.

The people of Breyden Products realize that our success is a direct result of our customers' success.  Since our beginnings, we have earned the reputation for meeting the highest standards in product quality and customer service, while doing it on-time and on-budget.  This is the philosophy that has guided us in the past, and the one that will propel us into the future.


We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of braided products for industry.  We provide military specification products for specification numbers (mil spec) A-A-52080 (formerly Mil-T-43435 Type I), A-A-52081 (formerly Mil-T-43435 Type II), A-A-52082 (formerly Mil-T-43435 Type III), A-A-52083 (formerly Mil-T-43435 Type IV), A-A-52084 (formerly Mil-T-43435 Type V) and Mil-T-713 Type P.  Breyden Products provides products made from nylon, polyester, Teflon, glass, Nomex®, and Kevlar® with various coating finishes and colors.

We also offer our Breyflex line of expandable sleeving.  Breyflex expandable sleeving comes manufactured in PET(Polyester), PET(Polyester) Fire Retardant, Halar, Nylon and Nomex®.  More information can be found on our expandable sleeving page.

DuPont™ and Nomex® (or Kevlar®) are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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